Bubbles zine #1

Bubbles zine #1

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Issue #1 - March 2019

List of contents from the Bubbles website:

- In depth look at late 80s/early 90s alternative manga publisher Blast Books 
- Interview with Hiroo Yamagata (Translator of Hideshi Hino's Hell Baby) 
- Brief interview with Laura Lindgren (Founder of Blast Books) 
- Interview with James Hudnall (Translation assistant of Mai, The Psychic Girl) 
- Music From Nancy a retrospective, interviews with all 3 creators, Jesse Poimboeuf, Steve Sweet, Steve Cunningham.
- Interview with Shades7000 (Creator of the Scanlation Group 'You're Welcome') 
- Short essays on comic book artifacts found on Ebay 
- Comics you should read (reviews of contemporary comics) 
- Translation of The Road Home by Kuniko Tsurita (from Garo #213)

32 pages, with 16 page insert of a Program for Music From Nancy

watch Music From Nancy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkX2-LncA0M